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What is aicdn?

aicdn is a platform for a completely new way of transmitting audio, video, and data. We define a vector-based standard which is based on the interpretation of artificially trained models. These models contain over 1 Million of Categories that we can extract to vector based information. Besides the maintenance of the specification, we also offer complete software and hardware solutions thru our Partner and Members Network.

The aicdn standard enables the combination of standard streaming methods and protocols with A.I. It does not matter whether the connection is established in an internal network or whether two or several hundred A.I. models have to communicate with each other. The location is completely irrelevant, whether in Frankfurt or San Francisco, over Wifi, 2G,3G,4G or the new coming Standard 5G.

Reducing bandwidth is aicdn’s top priority.


Who developed the Vector Standard?

Version 1.0 of the Standard and Toolchain is developed by our CEO, Gary Hilgemann, with the goal to open the standard to a wide audience for free. Without the partnerships, aicdn would not be possible. The Vector Streaming Standard is based on proven protocols such as SRT and the A.I. vision tools from Raypack®.

The encapsulation of packets from aicdn is done by the open source SRT Protocol. The Transport of the A.I. Vectors are done by Cloud Infrastructure.

Who needs that?

Anyone who is involved in artificial intelligence or media streaming needs an output, from the A.I. model or from a visual signal transmission. The result is always that you a response in a JSON, XML or rendered video file. Currently, the outputs are always rendered first, then analyzed, then changed, then rendered again and so on. This costs valuable time. Not to mention a transfer from one A.I. system to another A.I. between two Countries, two cars or two devices is currently not possible.

With vector Standard, this is now possible.

What are the application areas?

The areas of application are film, any kind of sports events, video drones, autonomous driving and many more. is the Google Maps for an artificial worldwide communication.

What are the products and services of

aicdn offers beside the Vector standard also a ready to go streaming ecosystem. From Software, over in-expensive encoding hardware till to very low-cost cloud hot-spots.

In addition to a cloud pricing model, we also support onPremise and various hardware solutions provided by our partners.


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